Cyber Awareness & Security Training

Learn to protect yourself in the Cyber World. Lock hackers, identity thieves and cyber criminals out of your life for good with this step-by-step cyber security guide specialy designed for common people.

What is CAST?

CAST (Cyber Awarness & Security Training) is a 8 hour online training course designed for everyone. This course is an actionable, step-by-step beginner’s guide to locking hackers, identity thieves, and cyber criminals out of your life once and for all. Course includes traning materials, videos, live sessions & question-answer forum.

Why You Should Join the Training?

The internet that has made our lives so simplstic is gradually becoming a dangerous machanism, wherein everyday thousands of criminal attacks take place. From the databases of the websites to the social media accounts and bank accounts, almost everything which is available on the internet goes through hacking attacks & penetration.


Due to this reasoning, almost every citizen should understand the dangers of the internet & understand the ground root methods for safety.

What Will You Learn?

Ultimate Digital Protection

You will learn to protect yourself in the Cyber World. Lock hackers and cybercriminals out of your life.

Secure Management

You will learn to manage your emails, business files, and Internet browsing securely.

Security Softwares

You will be shown proven and effective cyber security software to keep your systems private and secure.

What People are Saying

“This is a quick course that everyone should attend to become more familiar with how  hackers might compromise them and how they can defend themselves against various attacks.”

Priyank Sharma


“My learning experience on how to keep our information safe in this ever-threatening environment has lead me to recognize myself through various approaches for keeping our information safe.”

Helena Smith


“The course is incredibly instructive, with all of the details that we need to know in this day and age.
Knowing that we are the single guardians of the organization’s data is a principle that every one of us must adhere to.”

Isabella Edwards Compbell

Our Corporate Clients

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Do you want to feel safe, secure, and private on the Internet?